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Face| Pigmentation/ Age spots

The causes of pigmentation/age spots

Pigmentation is a common skin condition in which darker skin patches occur on the skin.

Age spots are actually solar lentigens, usually appear on the area that frequently exposed to sunlight

Melasma is a common pigmentation problem that generally affects women. There are several known triggers for melasma.

1) Sun exposure is the most important avoidable risk factor.

2) Pregnancy may provoke melasma, the pigment often fades a few months after delivery.

3) Hormone treatments seem to be a factor in about a quarter of affected women, including oral contraceptive pills containing oestrogen and/or progesterone, hormone replacement, intrauterine devices and implants. But in other women, hormonal factors do not appear important.

4) Scented or deodorant soaps, toiletries and cosmetics may cause a phototoxic reaction triggering melasma that may then persist long-term.

5) A phototoxic reaction to certain medications may also trigger melasma.

6) Melasma has been associated with hypothyroidism (low levels of thyroid hormone).

7) It causes brown to grey-brown patches on the face. It commonly affects cheeks, nose bridge, forehead, chin, upper lip, forearms and neck.

At Revival Medical Clinic, we offer the following treatment to help you to combat the pigmentation.

Effective treatments for pigmentation/age spots :

1) Oral Sunscreen:

We are proud to introduce you a revolutionary skin care supplement that offers skin protection against daily sun damage while repairing the skin at the same time to maintain beauty from within.

2) Revival Spectra Laser

The `Spectra` has proven highly effective in the treatment of pigmentation. This is the ideal clinical laser for treating a wide variety of superficial and deeper skin pigmentation. With this modern laser, Spectra, the majority of these pigment lesions can be treated and often completely removed.

3) Revival Skin Brightening Mesotherapy

This skin brightening mesotherapy has the anti- pigmentation effect with biomimetic peptide. TGP2 is another major ingredient to decrease the production of pigmentation.

4) Revival Signature Glow

Chemical peel improves the appearance of skin hyperpigmentation such as age spots, skin discoloration. Our doctor will determine the need of chemical strength after review your skin condition.

5) Brightening Hyaluronic acid filler (Teosyal Puresense Redensity [I])

Teosyal Puresense Redensity [I] was granted the award of the Best Injectable Skin Revitalizer 2013 by a jury of professionals (19 Doctors in Aesthetic Dermatology & Surgery, 8 Doctors in Anti-Ageing Medicine and 2 industry experts) at AMEC (The Anti-Ageing Medicine European Congress)

Teosyal® Puresense Redensity [I] is a unique and highly innovative hyaluronic acid-based skin enhancer bio-rejuvenating treatment which prevents premature skin ageing, restores skin density and maintains skin glow.  This product consists of:

-15 mg/g free hyaluronic acid for optimal hydration

Dermo-Restructuring Complex: 3 potent antioxidants, 2 minerals, 1 vitamin and 8 amino acids for efficient skin protection and redensification

-Lidocaine: anaesthetic effect for more injection comfort.

This TEOXANE innovation guarantees uniform and subtle results: the skin is evenly and naturally plumped, radiant and smooth with luminosity restored.

6) Revival Dermalinfusion Brightening Medical Facial

We are excited to introduce the new Lumixyl® Pro-Infusion solution featuring the revolutionary Lumixyl peptide (Decapeptide-12). With a Lumixyl SilkPeel, the outermost layer of your skin is gently abraded away; the Lumixyl peptide has a chance to achieve maximum penetration, all but stopping those dark spots in their tracks. This leaves you with immediately brighter, fresher looking skin.

7) Revival DPC Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

At Revival Medical Clinic, we introduce you the advanced DPC technology to provide a non-invasive med-aesthetic systems effectively treat and clear vascular and pigmented lesions using safe, reliable and comfortable techniques. Results are achieved efficiently in three to six treatment sessions.

8) 755 PicoSure Laser

755nm Picosure Laser is useful for treating melasma and PIH that shows high efficacy and fewer adverse events in dark Asian skin. Picosure works much faster, and is safer compared to traditional QS lasers for clearing age spots. In Asian skin, where rebound hyperpigmentation often happens with laser treatments, the PicoSure is a useful tool to shatter piments into tiny fragments, allowing the body’s cells to mop it up and clear the pigment without damaging surrounding skin. It does this with finesse and efficiency – lentiges, or age spots are cleared in only 1-2 sessions.

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