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Tattoo is a change of your skin pigment colour by depositing colour ink into the deeper layer of the skin.

Generally, as you (and your tattoo age), tattoos fade and diffuse and therefore become harder to treat.

Effective treatment for tattoo removal :

1) 755 PicoSure Laser

Picosure laser can remove up to 75% of the ink in just one session, dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to remove a tattoo. Something special about the PicoSure is that it works especially well on difficult, colored ink like blues and greens. With this amazing new technology, your tattoo can be removed in months instead of a year of more. Don’t let any body ink hold you back from career and life goals.

2) Revival Spectra Laser

At Revival Medical Clinic, Spectra laser is the gold standard treatment for tattoos removal. The energy delivered from spectra laser will breakdown your tattoo. Our body natural healing process will remove the breakdown colour ink over time (4-6 weeks). Multiple sessions are required to maximize the results.

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