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An increasing numbers of women in Asians are desire and persuing lighter skin tone due to korean wave. Especially in korea even the fairer skin people also undergo strenuos efforts to keep their skin tone lighter as it will improve overall skin tone and create more fresher and younger appearence.

There are 6 types of skin shades:-

Do you suffer from skin imperfections and wondering your skin shades and which type of skin lightening treatments is the right option to you ? At Revival Medical Clinic, we offer various skin lightening treatments for you to boost up self confidence.

Effective treatments for skin lightening :

1) Oral Sunscreen

We are proud to introduce you a revolutionary skin care supplement that offers skin protection against daily sun damage while repairing the skin at the same time to maintain beauty from within.

2) Revival Signature Glow

Chemical peel improves the appearance of skin discoloration. Our doctor will determine the need of chemical strength after review your skin condition.

3) Silkpeel Dermal Infusion Medical Facial

We are excited to introduce the new Lumixyl® Pro-Infusion solution featuring the revolutionary Lumixyl peptide (Decapeptide-12). With a Lumixyl SilkPeel, the outermost layer of your skin is gently abraded away; the Lumixyl peptide has a chance to achieve maximum penetration, and leaves you with immediately brighter, fresher looking skin.

4) Pink Intimate

Pink intimate system is safe and effective solution to improve the appearance of the body intimate areas by enhancing skin clarity, firmness and youthfulness. It is not only improving self confidence but also improving intimacy during intercourse. The recommended treatment areas include: female private area, underarms, neck, elbows, knees, perianal region, inner thighs and banana folds.

5) DPC Brightening Treatment

Non-ablative skin rejuvenation has become popular with patients seeking no-downtime procedures.The theoretical basis of skin photo rejuvenation lies in the theory of selective photothermolysis combined with the phenomenon of neocollagenesis which occurs in response to a mild thermal injury in the reticular and papillary dermis.

6) Revival Lightening Cream

Revival lightening cream is an non-greasy hyaluronic acid based cream. It is a well-formulated product to achieve brighter and silky smooth skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially beneficial for sensitive and pigmented skin.

7) Revival Rejuvenating C-Serum

This oil-free serum with hydrating properties (hyaluronic acid) is specially formulated with high potency antioxidants and brightening ingredients to promote skin lightening while improve your skin firmness and diminish fine lines. 

8) Spectra Peel (Carbon Laser)

Spectra Peel™— a unique procedure which involves the application of carbon lotion with laser energy of 300 micro seconds pulse duration to remove gently and effectively the dead skin cells, stimulate new skin growth and whiten skin tone .

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