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Body| Keloid/Scars

Keloid and hypertrophic scars treatment is challenging. At revival medical clinic, we combine a number of treatment options to achieve the best cosmetic result.

Scars revision with intralesional steroids/ surgical techniques:

- intralesional steroids involve injection of corticosteroids directly into the lesions to flatten the scars. It may require a few sessions to achieve the desire result ( 4-6 weeks apart) depends on individual lesion.

Surgical Excision technique:

- Different types of excisional technique will be applied to every single individual as the scar is varying from person to person. Moisturizing oils/ silicon scar reduction gel / tight compression garments will be prescribed to enhance the result.

Surgical subcision technique:

- It is a simple procedure that helps to treat sunken scars .it will release the pulling bands( fibrous bands) at the deeper skin layer while helps to stimulate collagen production through healing process.

Effective treatments for Keloid/Scars :

1) Revival DPC

This revolutional dynamic pulse light therapy is useful to treat the scars with uneven skin discoloration. The light therapy will brighten the scar pigment together smoothen the skin texture.

2)PRP treatment:

PRP is used to enhance the scar revision result and to prevent recurrence of scars formation.

3) Revival ECO2 laser:

At the recent annual meeting of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, fractional CO2 laser is proven to show significant improvement in hypertrophic/ keloid scar revision. It significantly improve the scar thickness, redness, colour, itch/pain sensation. Revival eco2 laser can be used for skin mild to deep sunken scars by creating numerous microscopic laser punctures, which help promote microcirculation and new cell production. Regular treatments will help to replace the scar tissue with new healthier skin.

4) Revival Spectra Laser:

This non-ablative laser using carbon to absorbs most of the Laser energy and is fragmented along with the dead cells, resulting in a perfect skin exfoliation. Simultaneously, the laser energy will stimulates new collagen production to fill up depressed scars. An individual may require 4-6 treatments done once in 2-4weeks. It works perfectly for both sunken/ raised scars.

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