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Body| Birthmarks/ Moles

Birthmark is a harmless irregularity on the skin which is present at birth or appears shortly after birth, usually in the first month. They can occur anywhere on the skin. The exact cause of the most birthmarks is unknown.

There are two types of birthmarks :

1) Pigmented (colored) birthmarks

- Moles, café au lait spot, mongolian spot

2) Vascular (blood vessels) birthmarks

- Angel’s kiss (nevus flammeus nuchae), strawberry mark (hemagioma), port-wine stain

Our doctors will customise the treatment option for you based on your type and the depth of birthmark. Specially designed lasers can target a mole/ birthmark at anywhere on the body. We offer the following treatment:

Effective treatments for birthmarks/ moles :

1) Revival ECO2 laser

At Revival Medical Clinic, we use the FDA- approved premier ablative laser, the Lutronic eCO2 Resurfacing Laser to deliver good outcome treatment with minimal downtime. This resurfacing Laser use a precise and intense light beam to vaporize unwanted tissue without harming to the surrounding healthy area. New collagen growth are stimulated which heals the skin after the lesion is removed.

2) Revival Spectra Laser

Pigmented birthmarks will be treated with this pigment selective laser machine, Spectra Laser. The birthmark colour will absorb the laser energy and will eventually remove by our body healing process. The number of treatment sessions will be determined by our experience doctor.

3) 755 PicoSure Laser

PicoSure laser is approved to lighten benign pigmented lesions like age spots, birthmarks, and freckles. Birthmark can be drastically lighten in only one treatment.

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