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As we age, our skin is exposed to a variety of changes such as sun spot, sagging and wrinkles which cause us to lose our youthful fresh skin we once had. Now those aging effects can be reverse using the Spectra Laser treatment. The treatment uses low energy to resurface and remove pigments of the skin while improving skin texture and tone.

Recommended Treatment For


Enlarge facial pores

Solar lentiges


Hyperpigmented scars

Tattoo removal

Dark Circles - Under Eye

The Benefits Of Spectra Laser Treatment

SpectraPeel For Acne And Enlarge Facial Pores

How does SpectraPeel work?

SpectraPeel’s dual action first attacks your acne deep in the dermis by stimulating skin cell regeneration and reducing inflammation then treats the active acne on your skin surface by gently removing the topmost layer of dead skin cells, unplugging pores, shrinking sebaceous glands and stimulating new skin growth. SpectraPeel is virtually painless and the results are quite dramatic with no risk or side effects.

How does SpectraPeel reduce my enlarged pores?

A photo-enhancer will be applied to your facial area, which is naturally absorbed into the pores. Next, the laser’s energy is utilized to create heat causing a photo-acoustic effect to remove excessive sebum, clean away dead skin cells, and simultaneously unclog the pores. This process stimulates the inner walls of the pores as well as promoting collagen remodeling.

Spectra Laser Toning For Melasma

What is melasma?

Melasma or pigmentations are light patches or “spots” which appear symmetrically on the cheeks and around the eyes. These are generally a result of hormonal changes during the aging process or sun exposure. This can also occur during pregnancy or in women taking birth control pills.

What is laser toning?

Laser toning is a unique two-part procedure involving the application of a photo-enhancer with laser energy to reduce visible pigmentation. At the same time, laser toning not only improves the texture and unevenness of the skin, but also reduces pore size and fine wrinkles.

Spectra Laser For Tattoo Removal

“A proven system for removing tattoos with minimal discomfort and virtually no risk.”

How are tattoos removed?

Medical lasers use beam of light to significantly lighten or completely remove your tattoo. When the ink particles absorb the light from the laser, they are broken up into fragments and then absorbed through your body’s immune system.

Results take about 5 - 6 weeks after each treatment

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