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Pink Intimate System

Lift, Whitens, and Rejuvenate the Intimate Areas

Pink Intimate System is a non-invasive peel to regain the youthfulness and firmness, with the added advantage of lightening, of your most private areas. It is clinically formulated to lighten unsightly blemishes and pigmentation of common delicate areas of the body. Safe, gentle, and effective treatment to promote self-confidence and encourages body positivity among women.

Available brand

Pink Intimate

Recommended Areas

Vaginal area


Breast areola

Inner Thigh






Immediate lifting & whitening results

Fine lines reduction

De-reddening and soothing results

Safe & proven revitalizing result

Frequently asked questions

How many sessions required ?

Once a week, 4 to 5 sessions to achieve optimal results

Any downtime ?

There is virtually no downtime

When will I see results?

The result is visible immediate after treatment

Why do you choose us?

At Revival Medical Clinic, we are using pigment laser, Spectra, to enhance the pink intimate system treatment results. This laser treatment will reduce visible pigmentation. At the same time, it will improves the texture and helps to reduce unevenness skin tone.

Amazing results

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