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The best long-lasting firming and revitalizing system for facial and body skin.

MESO COGS marks the birth of the Fill Hydration ™ Technique, a technique that combines the natural absorption of micro-barbed threads in the skin with the spontaneous proliferation of collagen in the subdermis due to the stimulation of fibroblasts.

Overall revitalization, greater skin elasticity, improved skin tone.

MESO COGS belonging to the Happy Lift ™ Range, is particularly indicated for:

-Natural facial filling

-Revitalization and tonification of soft tissues

-Long-term containing of tissues

-Improvement face contour

MESO COGS is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a Cross linking filling system:

-Easy to do



MESO COGS is a free-floating unidirectional micro-barbed thread that revolutionizes the methods of firming, revitalization, rejuvenation and moisturization of the skin. Thanks to its absorbable nature and great ease of use, it allows a minimally invasive approach.

The new solution to the old methods of cutaneous filling and revitalization.

The suture is inserted through the use of a micro needle in the subdermis of the face or body.

The Double V technique, at an angle of about 20-30°, results to be fast, easy and absolute non-invasive if compared to main aesthetic medicine techniques.



-Absence of side effects

-Outpatient technique

-Long times of collagen and elastin synthesis with skin hydration

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