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Hair Regrowth System

Hair Regrowth System is a natural and safe treatment that maintains scalp vitality and acts against hair loss and thinning hair. It will protect hair follicles from (DHT), free radicals and glycation process and will restore deep hydration, balance deficiencies and increase blood supply in the scalp to irrigate and oxygenate it.

Macdermol Biohair is recommended for

Hair prematurely damaged by external aggressions (sunlight, smoke, pollution and etc)

Hair loss / lack of volume


Greasy hair

Dull hair

Advantage for Macdermol Biohair injection ?

Non-animal origin

Fully biocompatible

Simple, quick, with no downtime

Surgery-free alternative

How long does the procedure take ?

The procedure takes around 30-45 minutes depending on the area treated.

What to expect?

Protects hair follicle from DHT

Neutralizes free radicals and glycation process

Hydrates and revitalizes the scalp

Improves blood circulation to the scalp

Stimulates and nourishes hair follicles

Enhances collagen and GAGs synthesis

How many treatment required ?

Envisage 2 to 3 initial sessons 2 to 3 weeks apart according to the result, an additional 2 months after, then a maintenance session approximately every 4-5 months

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