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Knee Filler

Knee filler is a kind of hyaluronic acid (HA) that is directly into your joints in order to relieve joint pains. It is naturally derived product from biofermentation that comes as a single injection. In traumatic and degenerative joint disorders, insufficient amount of HA and loss of viscosity occur in synovial (inter-joint space) fluid, resulting in the impairment of joint function and pain joint on movement replacement via surgery. It is highly recommended for osteoarthritis patient who do not get the relief from simple painkillers or from exercise and physcial therapy.

Available brands at Revival Medical Clinic

Hyalubrix 60


Suitable for

Healty Joint


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repeatly receive knee filler injection ?

Yes, you can safely repeat your treatment if your joint pain returns.

How long does the procedure take?

Treatment will take approximately half an hour.

Benefit of knee filler injection ?

Natural derived safety products

Without surgical procedure

Minimal recovery periods

What to expect after treatments?

After treatments, you may feel a tingling or stinging sensation on the injected area. There will be some swelling or redness which will last for not more than 48 hours.

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