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Non-surgical Facelift

Happy lift

Happy lift is a minimally invasive lifting technique that offers lasting effects without major surgery or visible scars.

Unlike conventional sutures which are smooth, all Happy lift threads have tiny barbs specially design in terms of their length, density and angling meant to carry our both a lifting and a revitalizing effect. Once inserted into the sub dermis, the barbs gather the skin producing fibrosis necessary to provide new support scaffolding for the soft facial tissues that lift and hold them in place. As a result, a refreshed look and a better facial contour are visible just immediately after the operation. Happy lift sutures are available both in a permanent and an absorbable version. Permanent threads are made up of polypropylene a safe material widely used in surgery for more than 50 years, while the dissolvable once are made of poly-lactic-caprolactone. Generally the dissolvable thread disappears 12/15 months after the implant, but the lifting effect will not disappear after this period thanks to the fibrotic reaction induced by the barbs.

The treatment is recommended for

The best candidates for happy lift are both woman and men aged between 30 and 60 who refuse a traditional facelift, but aim to have a younger look. Eyebrows, cheeks, jaw line, neck and entire face are the areas that can be treated.

Happy lift Double Needle

Double needle is a bi-directional convergent barbed thread which allows a quick- mini-invasive and natural approach to the problems of moderate saggy tissues without the necessity of a scalpel. Due to the unique structure, the implant procedure results faster to perform, with significant reduction of the operation time and better post-operatory recovery for the patient. Apart from that, the semi-circular or loop paths guarantee more effective gathering and compacting of the tissue, consequentially allowing an enhancement of volume.

Free Floating

Free Floating is a permanent or absorbable thread permitting, through a mini- invasive surgical operation, to practice lifting for sagging cheeks. The procedure is fast safe and easy to perform. It does not require any incision on the skin as the free floating threads are inserted through a long spinal needle injected into the subcutaneous tissue under local anesthesia.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does happy lift work?

During this minimally invasive procedure, dissolvable threads with tiny fishbone-like barbs are inserted to gently support the facial tissue. This produces a beautiful lifting effect that reverses and prevents age-related sagging and folds.

How long does the procedure take?

It can be completed within 15 – 40 minutes under local anesthesia.

What results should I expect?

Patients should expect to see an immediate lifting effect, with optimal results in two to three weeks. These threads will naturally dissolve after one year. The lifting effect, however, will continue for up to two to five years.

Is it safe?

Happy Lift is considered one of the safest facelift available. It is recognized by CE Medical and FDA approved. Side effects are very rare and may include slight bruising.

What kind of aftercare is involved?

This unique facelift involves an extremely short recovery period. Patients may resume activities immediately. However, they are advised not to massage the treated area for at least three weeks after the procedure.

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