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The Revival Experience The Clinic

Revival Medical Clinic is a boutique aesthetic clinic conveniently located in the bustling neighborhood of Sutera Utama, Johor Bahru. Just 18 minutes away from Singapore via the Johor- Singapore causeway, it is easily accessible by all major highways around the city. At Revival Medical Clinic, we want our customers to indulge in a boutique experience; hence we invested extensively, hoping to leave a lasting impression; from the svelte and relaxed ambience to the comfort and privacy of your sanctuary. We hope to make your visit a memorable one.

Pre and post care services

Free parking

15 minutes from the causeway


Here`s what our clients say


  • 讚啦~ 服務超好 �

    • Yu Shean Chu
    • Rating:
  • 第一次来到这里领取幸运抽奖得到的Sunscreen防晒霜。,贴心的治疗师细心的教我如何用这款防晒霜,按压出一些试搽在手上后,真的感觉就像治疗师所说的一点都不会油腻,而且还带有一些淡淡的清香味和滑滑的感觉。我之前一直都很少搽防晒霜,因为怕会用到油份较高,而且又会阻塞毛孔的防晒霜。。。但是经过刚刚试用了这里的Suncreen 防晒霜,真的和我之前用过的很不一样哦。真的很感谢 Josephine美姐推荐这款这么棒的防晒霜。。。注重防晒的朋友们,一定要来这里了解这款防晒霜哦。。。超赞哦!

    • Emily Ling
    • Rating:
  • 店主服务很棒,效率很快,有问必答,皮肤更不用说,素颜肌肤会发光发亮 , 想要做个像店主拥有完美无瑕的皮肤,大家多多光顾她们哦 , 帮你分享多多,让网友们多多关注我们美丽大方的店主 ~~

    • Aimee Chan
    • Rating:
  • Friendly and great customer service~ ^^

    • Jovy Lau
    • Rating:
  • 這裡服務超棒的,醫生很親切與護士超美麗細心。還會繼續支持�

    • WeiWei Lyw
    • Rating:
  • Pretty doctor and professional team.....

    • Eve Chong
    • Rating:
  • �超赞 � 这里的医生非常的专业,护士也非常亲切~~

    • Gary Teng
    • Rating:
  • 真心感谢这里的医疗团队 让我的敏感肌肤 看到了起色,也慢慢的好起来 出到外面不在像红苹果 这里的人很友善也不错��

    • Natalie Ng
    • Rating:
  • 疗程后,有很大的改善。以及很赞的服务,很好!

    • Eugene Nks
    • Rating:
  • Everything is Good ! :)

    • Sebastian Lee
    • Rating:
  • 谢谢重生诊所的帅哥医生和漂亮的护士小姐们,谢谢你们的专业讲解和亲切的服务态度。

    • Siew Chin 秀甄
    • Rating:
  • 我要先安个~ 两名医生“超棒”,护士们都很细心 (个个很漂亮) 来 Revival 医美选对了 带给我们亮丽人生 bling bling~ ✨✨✨

    • Tracy Ngk
    • Rating:
  • Professional team of doctors and staff. I have a wonderful experience at Revival Medical Clinic. Will definitely return again.

    • MeiHua Tan
    • Rating:

    • Lim Wei Yao
    • Rating:
  • I had a excellent experience at Revival Clinic. The staffs were very friendly and professional. The doctors are very knowledgeable and attentive to my needs. Highly recommended!

    • Kiki Gieng
    • Rating:
  • Have a great experiences doing my Botox at Revival Medical JB. I was there to do Botox injection on my jaws. My tolerance for pain was seriously low so I was abit nervous during my first treatment. But it totally changed my mind after my first Botox treatment by Dr Lynda. I didn’t feel any pain when she injected the Botox in my jaws, I think the reason she is really careful and skillful! I'm so happy with my sharper face now and love going back to see them because everyone there are so friendly and helpful.

    • Kerrine Law
    • Rating:
  • Excellent service, relaxed ambience. Silkpeel treatment brings satisfying results.

    • Jason Wat
    • Rating:
  • Result for facial treatment is awesome ! If u r facing acne or others problem ~ truly advice u to try on their treatment ! Good

    • Siew Wei Grace Wai
    • Rating:
  • Excellent service and satisfied with the products! Esp pimple range! Love it!

    • Carol Quah May Shing
    • Rating:
  • 医生和员工都还蛮不错的!诊所的环境也很好!至于疗程嘛是还不错,不过还在观察当中。

    • Ms Tam
    • Rating:
  • 我很满意诊所提供的疗程。医生和员工的服务态度都还不错的,环境也很舒适。唯一让我觉得遗憾的是诊所人员的服务态度有待加强,因为他们看似都很忙。 不过,整体来说我还是很满意这家诊所的!

    • Ms Teh
    • Rating:
  • Layanan dan persekitaran di klinik ini baik. Cuma tempat letak kenderaan di sekitar klinik ini agak penuh. Selain itu, apabila mengaturkan temu janji mendapati jadual doktor agak sibuk. Namun, pihak klinik juga mampu mengaturkan slot waktu yang sesuai kepada saya.

    • Cik Norsallyza
    • Rating:
  • 整体都不错,环境又美又让人有轻松的感觉。接待人员的服务还可以更好。这里有小小的建议,可能顾客登记过后,接待人员可以介绍有优惠的疗程。 总结来说,这诊所都蛮不错的。

    • Ms Chang
    • Rating:
  • Doctor and staffs are friendly, environment is clean and comfortable, overall everything is good.

    • Xiaohui
    • Rating:

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Revival Medical Clinic, it is our passion to help you achieve the beauty you desire, whether it is a subtle enhancement or a dazzling makeover, our goal is to make you feel good about yourself through modern and safe aesthetic practices.
We believe our patients deserve only the best, under the expertise of our doctors and a dedicated team of professionally trained staff, we constantly strive to provide the best solution to ensure high expectations are met.
We believe in building a lifelong relationship with you, tailoring treatments to cater to your needs and utmost expectation in aesthetic. So join us on our revival experience and allow us to bring out the best in you.

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